Business Vehicle / Fleet Wrapping

Are you looking for another form of marketing and advertising for your business?  Have you thought about the potent benefits of using vinyl as your business advertising tool? Many Fortune 500 companies and other small business owners and professional enthusiasts have turned to smart wrapping their business auto or fleet of vehicles. Commercial car wraps bring to life a mobile billboard that consistently grabs the attention of thousands of people each day. Commercial vehicle wraps have proven to be an extremely smart and cost effective marketing solution.

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The Perks
  • Brand Consistency and Solidity. Vinyl wraps create consistent unification and alignment with other marketing means, creating a strong marketing campaign for you.

  • Target Your Local Audience.  Increase awareness immensely to those around your local service area AND beyond.   A parked vehicle is seen by people who work, live, play, dine, educate, and peruse that area.  Your business, your brand is seen by more people, way more of the time. Depending on your local demographics, a vinyl wrap on your auto can generate from 20,000 to 70,000 visual impacts DAILY!

  • Increased Awareness, Low Cost. Cost effective for the amount of traffic that sees you.  Cut vinyl can easily be removed and changed, allowing you cost flexibility of some of your business info changes, are you want to deliver a louder message to your audience. Wrapping is one of the most cost effective outdoor advertising methods around.

  • Dynamic Strategy.  Energetic, influential, productive and effective.  Need more be said about the impact this strategy (vehicle wraps) of marketing brings increased awareness to your business.

Three Units for Business Wrapping



A laminated vinyl applied to the full vehicle excluding the windows.


Perforated Vinyl

A seamless tint to cover the full the window.


Cut vinyl

The final component, used for graphics, captions, lettering, phone numbers, websites, and all the other contact goods.

Important things to consider

When choosing what company you opt for to do the graphics for your vehicle or fleet of vehicles we would like to offer you tips we find valuable.  The value of using certified, experienced designers and installers is high.  Just because sign companies can make signs, doesn't mean they are capable of producing quality graphics and vinyl installation.  The cost may be a bit cheaper upfront, but you will pay more in the long run. This is not to say all sign companies are bunk in the Vehicle vinyl department. We just say, do your homework.

Caring for your vehicle graphics as you would any fine paint finish will help with the quality. Regularly washing your vehicle is when it appears dirty is recommended for maintaining the vinyl. Automatic and brush style car washes are not recommended and can partake in dulling the vinyl. Hand Wash or Brushless Car washes are your best bet.  Just a few simple tips.